Party Bake & Cookware

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Penis Pasta GW-P001
Our Penis Pasta comes packaged with a Raunchy recipe ' Big Balls with Steamy sauce'. Great to just serve up without telling anyone. Will they recognize the shape of the pasta? Warming increases in size when cooked! 8.8 oz box.
Giant Silicone Willie Mould   GW-SF30
Silicone cake mould in the shap eof a penis with testicles.
Stick Figure Style Napkins - 8 Pack CP-3658
Add these Stick Figure style napkins to liven the party up. They are perfect for any naughty party.
Stick Figure Style 7-Inch Plates - 8 Pack CP-3653
Add these stick figure style plates to liven up any party. They are a perfect for any naughty party. With the special message Plates have never been this lewd.