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Blowjob Party Bib CP-646
Keep that blow-job mess off your pretty shirt with this genius bib! This red bib has an image of an open mouth on it and says, "Blow Job Bib". This is the perfect accessory for any adult party. One size fits most. Tie this on your party's host or bride-to-be for a fun night of laughter.
Hen Night Flashing Shot Glass Ring FV-33527
This flashing ring doubles as a wearable shot glass for your bachelorette.
Ring for Blowjob Keychain   OZ-KEY-08-E
Everyone likes a little humor when it comes to sex and the Ring forBlowjob keychain will definitely assist you in adding some fun.
Pecker Smackers   OZ-PS-01
Somebody needs to get pecker smacked. Two inflatable balloon sticks.
Boobie Floater   OZ-FLO-01
33-inch hilarious boobie floater. A must have
Inflatable Pecker Noodle   OZ-FLO-02
Bachelorette party approved. 66 inch inflatable pecker noodle flotteur penis.
Grumpy Pecker Paper Gift Bag   OZ-GB-21
Pecker shaped pink bag with Grumpy Pecker design. Pink handles.
Pecker Air Freshener OZ-AF-01
Can you smell the love in the air with this hilarious pecker shaped air freshener.
Stripper Straws - Female   KG-NVS87
Each package contains 3 silver-colored straws with plastic figurines of sexy strippers attached to each one! Strippers can be moved up and down their poles to accommodate various cup sizes.

Straws are 8-1/2” tall.

Hand-wash only.
X-Rated Birthday Party Award Ribbon CP-544
The birthday boy or gal will be the life of the party wearing X-Rated Birthday Party Award. An Award ribbon with a fun X-Rated Birthday message is guaranteed to offend. Is a perfect gag gift for that adult only naughty party.
Sperm Confetti - 15 Grams   KG-NVC30
A whole LOAD of fun! Fling it at someone you love, “unload” on your friends, “frost” an adult cake, spooge on someone’s desk, shock your in-laws, use in a two weeks notice, give your roommate a “wet” dream, or buy several and GO NUTS! Includes: 15 grams of sperm-shaped confetti.
Mini Penis Napkins - 8 Pack   CP-3641
These full print 2-ply mini penis napkins will dazzle you with diverse assortment penises in all shapes and sizes.
Bride-to-be Award Ribbons   KG-NVS17
The Bride-to-Be wears the Future Mrs. Ribbon and then awards the rest of the ribbons to her friends throughout the evening at her bachelorette party.

Awards are: Miss Priss, Hot Mess, Single Tonight, Sugar Mama, and Designated Drunk.

Six ribbons total.
Squeaky Pecker   OZ-SP-01
Release some stress and squeeze this squeaky pecker.
Boobie Paper Gift Bag   OZ-GB-22
Boobie shaped gift bag with blue handles.
Shooter Glasses - Assorted Styles   OZ-SHOT-ASRT
Get the party started with these fun pecker and boobie novelty shot glasses! 12 glasses in total with 4 of each style.
Fuck Off! Panic Button   OZ-SB-08-E
Panic Button! Reads "Fuck Off!"
Pecker Pen   OZ-PEN-04
Hilarious hand-painted pecker shaped pen.
Bride Gone Wild Balloon Assortment - 6 Count   GFF-1006
Perfect to decorate the party! Fun to take out to the bars! Includes 3 "Bride gone WILD" and 3 "Bride's Bitches gone WILD" 11" balloons.

Made in the USA!
Bride Gone Wild Button Assortment  - 6 Buttons   GFF-1003
Bride Gone Wild Button Assortment includes 6 buttons. One for the Bride-to-Be and 5 for her girls! Read Bride Gone WILD and Bride's Bitches Gone WILD!
Bachelorette Sparkle Tiara GFF-157
What girl wouldn’t want to wear this elegant tiara on her last night out? Sturdy metal tiara with built-in hair combs and a sparkle finish that spells out “Bachelorette” in decorative script.
Final Fling Before The Ring Hanging Shot Glass GFF-712
She’ll always be ready for her next shot with this Final Fling before the Ring shot glass hanging around her neck!
Willy I Swallow Hanging Shot Glass GFF-740
All you need to do is wear this "i swallow" shot glass to the bars and guys will be buying you drinks all night long!
X-Rated Birthday Party Balloons - 8 Count CP-533
X-Rated Birthday Party Balloons will liven up any adult birthday party. Assorted colors, fun to say with a fun X-Rated birthday message and guaranteed to offend. They are a perfect gag gift for that adult only naughty party.
Pecker Head Wine Charms OZ-WINE-01-E
Let's drink to that! Pecker Head Wine Charms provide a way of marking guest glasses so they dont get mixed up.